Destroy the living dead in Bitejacker

Bitejacker is another flash game that incorporates zombies. There are two reasons why you should play this particular game. First is because of the fact that it features zombies which are exciting and challenging to handle. Second is because of the gameplay that will surely tests your skills in shooting.


Bitejacker is a game created by Secret Base and was launched in 2011. Since then, it has been played numerous times around the world which means that it has become very popular and still entertaining up to this time. Your role as the player of this game is to pulverize the living dead before they bite you and turn you into one of them. You will be given shooting weapons to use as well as other things that can help you win in this game. Look for more stashes of money and better shooting weapons to win this all. Play it now and have a blast!



Drakojan Skies 3

This is the third sequel of the Drakojan Skies series. It is an action game where you have to protect your territory and save the Drakojan people. Drakojan Skies 3 has a very dramatic atmosphere and it is also followed by a very dramatic music. Very adventurous, exciting and fun shooting game. You have to be very fast and shoot all the enemies coming your way in Drakojan Skies 3. Some of the enemies are very hard to kill, so you have to shoot more bullets and escape their bombs aiming at you.

At the same time you have some points to collect, but be careful with the bombs are released by your enemies above you. As you progress, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and be more successful. It has seven levels, each of them harder than the previous one. If you like action games, you will like this one


Fancy Pants 5

Are you ready for another round of fast-paced, action-packed, high jumping adventure? Then look no further because your favorite little Fancy Pants friend is back and ready for action. Fancy Pants 5 brings you all your favorite action-adventure excitement with a few new twists! Check it out now!

About the Game


You play as a spiky haired, baggy pants wearing stick man with a need for speed and adventure. You’ve been given the task to collect as many swirleys as you can throughout each level and adventure zone. But watch out! There are baddies that may stand in your way, preventing you from completing this task – or even killing you! Zip through each level while collecting as many swirleys as you can!


Each level is filled with a fast-paced adventure, packed with spiders and other bad guys for you to kill. In addition, within each level there are many different doors for you to find and enter. Behind each door lays a new adventure, more danger, and even some bonus rounds for you to complete! Find all the doors, kill all the bad guys, and collect as many swirleys as you can to rake in an incredibly high score and brag to your friends!



Similar to the other versions of Fancy Pants, this series includes a number of player controls to use in order to complete each level and advance to the next.

Left and Right arrow keys – Used to move Fancy Pants left or right.
Up arrow key – Used to open and enter doors.
Down arrow key – Used to duck, slide, and roll.
S key – Used to jump.
Spacebar – Used to pause the game. It also activates the options panel.

Options Panel


By pressing the spacebar, you not only pause the game, but you also open the options panel. This panel allows you to slightly customize the game to suit your preferred gaming experience.

Choose the color pants you want Fancy Pants to wear – red, orange, green, or blue.
Customize the player controls. You can choose to use the default player controls mentioned above, or you can use the A, S, D, and W keys for your directional controls, jump, and duck.
Adjust music and sound volumes.
Choose to use a gamepad.
Toggle fullscreen on or off.
Hide User Interface.
Quit the game and return to the main menu.

Ark: Survival Evolved Encourages Vigilante Justice

Steam’s hottest game has no built-in way to stop jerks from ruining your fun…which means that players have to get creative if they want to maintain the peace.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur hunting game where players have to use the environment to, well, survive. You know the spiel: you can craft, you can build, and so on. Think of it like DayZ or Rust, but with dinosaurs. People like it so much that Ark has been tearing up the Steam charts since its release in early access.


It’s not perfect, of course. One thing players seem to agree on is that the game can be a messy hotbed for jerks and assholes. One of the most top-voted reviews on Ark’s store page says that it is “literally a griefers paradise” because “everything [you build] for can and will be destroyed, killed, and looted…while you’re sleeping ever so peacefully in your bed.” While some players feel helpless to this fact, others are being a bit more proactive when it comes to griefers.


Earlier last week, Ark player Barbaric Seagull took to the Steam forums pictures of what happened to a particularly infamous troll within the game:

“We have an infamous scoundrel and rapscallion locked in a cage,” Seagull reported. “Whenever he gets low health from punching the wall I tranq him and feed him blood until he’s full HP. We’ve had him in there for quite some time.

“This is what happens when you’re a jerk, justice is served.”

Seagull says that the player was imprisoned for ten hours in a virtual prison created by other Ark players. It allegedly took 30 minutes to trap the troll, and after he was captured, the players say they forced him to craft care packages for new players as “community service.”


This digital vigilante justice was met with both support and disgust from other Ark players. A few choice quotes…

“That, is….AWESOME,” one player wrote. “We could use a criminal system like that.”

“Maybe he will learn manners when he is released,” another mused.

“You are beyond the worst scum in the game mister Seagull,” one commenter said. “Like the absolute worst…If the police actively held a man in a 1x1x1 prison and repeatedly tranqed him and force-fed him blood for a reported 10 hours against his will and without trial then yes. I would call them scum and kick them in the nuts.

“The point stands you are effectively banning this player for little more then ruining your pixels.”

One commenter even notes that the developers totally intended for stuff like this to happen. Here is what Ark’s FAQ says in regards to the “unconsciousness” feature within the game:

When you log off your character, or if you suffer serious trauma, or eat the wrong thing, your body becomes unconscious. This will allow other Survivors to interact with you. They can steal your items, kill you, and even feed you! But there’s something else you can do in ARK… you can drag their ragdoll sleeping body around… move it to wherever you want… even move it into a prison cell and enslave it (or just put it in a very dangerous position for when it awakes)… you can force-feed an unconscious person food & water to keep them alive….


and by enslaving, we mean:

You can physically confine them and keep them alive indefinitely if you maintain their health. You can then do such useful things as extracting blood from them to create transfusion items, or using their poop as fertilizer, etc.
Mission accomplished, I guess!

The funny thing about this entire debacle is the final twist. Here’s Seagull, on the fate of the player that was imprisoned:

I just wanted to update this to provide some posterity to the situation and everyone commenting. We did imprison Ricky, for raiding and such, it was fun and we invited him to our TS and we all had a great time.

After getting to know him more, and finding out how absolutely insane (total headcases) some of the tribe leaders are on our server, we now play with him as a member of our tribe. Right now we have become friends and are having fun together and he is not destroying anybody’s stuff.
Maybe that’s stockholm syndrome. Or maybe it’s the brilliance of Ark: Survival Evolved and its players shining through.

Duke Nukem Forever

What were we all doing 12 years ago? Or, more specifically, on the 28th April, 1997? That was the day Duke Nukem Forever was first officially announced to the world. Five days later, Katrina and the Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK, while Oasis were planning to scar the eardrums of their fans with Be Here Now. It was the year of the first Diablo, Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye and the first Fallout.

Put simply, 1997 was bloody ages ago. Duke Nukem didn’t show up then, nor in any of the next 11 years either. Killed off, forgotten and laughed at for more than a decade, the oft-used phrase “Never bet against Duke” seemed silly.

And yet, here he is, almost unbelievably, getting ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum once more. It’s so close. We’ve even had a chance to play the damn thing, though ‘play’ is an elaborate way of saying that we spent most of our time bumping into cubicle doors and scooping things out of toilet bowls. More on that later, unfortunately


efore we could lay hands on the controls, an enthusiastic speech was delivered by Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software, Duke’s new owners. A rousing 40 minutes of inspirational chatter about the game, with just a hint of repetition and tortured car crash analogy, was followed by sweeping eight journalists onto two plush couches with a screen each and a pair of headphones. Tinkling away on the other end was the classic Duke Nukem theme tune, albeit with a more modern, jazzed-up riff. We sat down to play.

Or rather, the others say down to play. We actually spent our opening minutes with Duke Nukem Forever searching through toilet cubicles and playing with taps. The demo we played started off just before a recreation of the famous gridiron stadium battle from Duke 3D, giving us a little chance to familiar ourselves with the controls and play with the environment. There was even an interactive whiteboard, which we resisted the urge to scribble profanity all over.

So, while the others were throwing rockets at the big baddie, we were picking excrement out of the toilet bowls and seeing what we could splatter it against. It turns out that you can smear the walls and floors with it if you want, though Gearbox haven’t yet seen fit to allow you to smother wounded soldiers with poop.

Playing such a highly anticipated game isn’t just about having fun with faeces, of course. It’s about finding out just what the hell 3D Realms were doing the whole time. Initially, it’s perhaps easy to just look at it with one dismissive raised eyebrow and wonder ‘Is that it?’ The hype has grown DNF to the point that we were almost sad to see that it’s just an old-school shooter, albeit one with a frankly bonkers amount of detours, references and distractions.


It’s these distractions that are so critical though, because Duke Nukem Forever’s success isn’t going to be in the basic underlying action it provides, but in what is draped over it. People weren’t coming out afterwards praising the action – which is the standard shoot, shoot, shoot again kind of stuff – they were raving about the little things. We weren’t talking about faeces just for the toilet humour; it’s actually an important part of Duke’s appeal.

With The Division‘s Update 1.1 patch releasing tomorrow, April 12, Ubisoft Massive has decided to give fans a taste of all that will be available in the game once the free materials finally go live by showing the features off in a highly stylized trailer. The developer’s video is slickly produced, advertising that would-be Agents are set to experience much more than just a patch, but a full-fledged adventure with The Division‘s next update.


While Ubisoft is pretty straightforward with the video’s title, calling it “Update 1.1: Incursions,” the studio seemingly pulled out all the stops with the trailer’s development by including explosive cinematic elements, as well as some teaser bits of gameplay from the title’s cooperative mission known as the Falcon Lost Incursion. Not to mention, in addition to featuring the aforementioned raid-like activity, The Division footage also reveals how loot trading in between teammates will operate, what Daily and Weekly Assignments will look like, and how Dark Zone supply drops are going to work.


Perhaps most tantalizing, though, is the trailer’s brief focus on the update’s new gear sets and exotic weapons. According to the video below, Falcon Lost and future Incursions will bring about a lot of unique loot and weaponry, with fans being able to try out different gameplay styles to find out which loadouts will work best for them. If the trailer is to be believed, Update 1.1 will apparently include such sets as Tactician’s Authority for Support-based players, Path of the Nomad for Survivalists, Sentry’s Call for Snipers, and Striker’s Battle Gear for tank build characters.


Although the trailer for The Division‘s Incursions Update contained a large amount of information, some details for the Update 1.1 patch weren’t covered. For instance, the gear score leveling system wasn’t mentioned, nor were the increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items. Nevertheless, it would have been hard for Ubisoft to have conveyed such additions and made them look interesting among all of the other action-based components of the trailer. However, a simple allusion to the guarantee of high-end loot drops for killing NPCs over Level 30 in the video would have excited fans who weren’t aware of it being added as a feature.

For those fans of The Division anxiously awaiting Update 1.1’s release, the weekly maintenance downtime will include the patch’s 4.7 GB download, and it’s scheduled to begin at 12:00am PDT on Tuesday, concluding after approximately three hours. Prior to that, Agents would do well to start honing their skills, as it’s being reported that Falcon Lost has a difficulty so hard that even its developers can’t beat it.

What did you think about The Division‘s Incursions trailer? Did it get you excited for tomorrow’s update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Uphill Rush 6-Amazing Racing Game

The more a game is interesting the more popular it is- goes perfectly for the game of Uphill Rush 6. In this new sequel there are lots of fun loving activities included, where the player will experience excitement and pass a wonderful time. There game is divided is 6 cups i.e.


The game has a wonderful sound and graphic. Played have to skid over waters or skiing. The point counts on the comical activities you do through passing. There are not so many games that are as interesting as this one. You have collect as many points as you can by the certain time limit. Bonus points can be achieved by doing stunts. This simple flash game is very exciting and easily controlled by spacebar and four directional keys. Before starting the game you can choose your appearance and color. Play this game free in internet.