A Football Game-Return Man 6

ESPN Arcade provides you the latest version of your favorite game Return man 6. Return Man 6 is an improvement of the earlier version with better graphics and more challenges.
Just like the previous versions of this game you need to reach to the yellow spot finding the best possible route among the defenders and catch the ball.


As you know this is not an easy task amid ferocious opponents, you will need to use every bit of tricks you have in the bag. This may be a simple right left shift or a after burner to pass the defenders. And nothing is more enjoyable when you reach the yellow spot and catch the ball. This brings out the ultimate thrill of playing this game. So let jump in the field with this game


Use tricks in Freestyle Snow Wheeling

This time is for hitting the slopes, but don’t forget to leave the skis on the rack, as you are going to take the quick track down. This amazing game can be played online enjoying the snow falling on your computer screen. It has no detailed instructions, just a few controls should be followed properly.

You can use arrows, Z key and shift key to playing this game and complete all the levels. So you will use arrows when you need driving, steering, braking, or you have to execute tricks. Jumping can be done via the Z key while spinning can be performed through the Shift key. If you need more guidance or detail, please visit their help links, so you will get all the info you need regarding this game.

Play music in Uphill Rush 6

One of the newest and latest members is this version called Uphill Rush 6, it’s the 6th version of the Uphill Rush series, which is the best version among all the version released in the past. Several adventures have been added into this game, so enjoy riding motorcycle, horse, bicycle or even jet skis with the help of designed maps and try to reach the finish line in a shortest period of time.

When you start the game, you will see a man sitting on a tube in the water, which is perfectly designed with a blue color.


Beautiful stars and impressive background make this game interesting and fantastic. Some links have been designed at the home page of the game such as Start game, how to play and more games. Choose the sound on or off as per you need.

Cart Hero

Are you familiar with stickman? It is the usual representation of human in cartoons and flash games. Do you know why they are incorporated in flash games? You can have many assumptions and they are all correct in many different ways. But one thing is for sure, they symbolizes fun and cuteness. One perfect example is the flash game called Shopping Cart Hero. The main character in this game is the stickman who tries to reach greater heights and farther distance using a shopping cart which answers the usual question of why it is entitled Shopping Cart Hero. The player will have to guide the stickman ride the shopping cart and go far away distance.

There are available upgrades which better the performance or jumping skills of the shopping cart. Try to execute different tricks in order to gain more points. There are hidden tricks as well as combo tricks you should see and execute. The upgrades available are wheels, rockets and others. To enjoy this fantastic game, visit


. Be delighted with the features in Shopping Cart Hero.

An action packed game in Raze 5

Why people are so fascinated with shooting and weapons related to it? Some may say that it is for their entertainment or to kill time from being bored. Others find it as a hobby. Most find it as a tool for safety and protection.


But one thing is for sure, this is not something to be ignored or use in a not wise way or medium. If there is a way to have a safety shooting experience, it is through flash games. There is a flash game that involves such characteristics and it is called Raze 5.

This is actually the fifth installment from the flash game called Raze. The story of this new installment is that the player will have to save the world from various enemies by playing as a military robot. At the beginning of the game, you will be given options or choices among 10 battle suits that you can use in the game. There are over 40 levels that will challenge the players to their limits. To enjoy or experience this game, you can search this link online and have fun playing.

Cosmic Warriors

If there is a mysterious place, it is the outer space. This is an unfathomable place where humans are not been able to fully travel because of its infinite measurement and mystery. This is the reason why most of us are fascinated in outer space. There are two another reasons why people are enjoying the topic of outer space environment. One is because of the curiosity it brings to many people. Second is the fact that it is amazingly wide and make people imagine its depth and width. Cosmic Warriors is a flash game that involves outer space adventure. If you want to know more, continue reading this content. The player will be at the outer space and must travel infinite distance.

The mission is to eliminate UFO using your weapons while avoiding different asteroids. Make sure that you are precise in different aspects as well as accomplish all your missions. Cosmic Warriors is a great intergalactic game for certain space enthusiasts.

Feudalism 3


feudalism 3 is a sequel of the series of strategy games for teenagers. It offers a lot of action and fun! You can choose from a variety of characters and weapons. All characters have some great features and qualities. Some of them are officers, necromancers, paladins, wizards and so on. Great graphics contribute to the dramatic atmosphere of the game. Sound effect are also amazing. Throughout the game you will meet some very challenging obstacles, and you need to complete them in order to finish the level.

At the beginning you choose a character you wish. Interesting thing is that you can customize them and make them the way you want. Some of them are very powerful and skillful at using weapons. But some of them also use magic and poison. This makes them very good warriors since they can heal very fast using this magic. They can cause lightening and fire and destroy the enemy!