With The Division‘s Update 1.1 patch releasing tomorrow, April 12, Ubisoft Massive has decided to give fans a taste of all that will be available in the game once the free materials finally go live by showing the features off in a highly stylized trailer. The developer’s video is slickly produced, advertising that would-be Agents are set to experience much more than just a patch, but a full-fledged adventure with The Division‘s next update.


While Ubisoft is pretty straightforward with the video’s title, calling it “Update 1.1: Incursions,” the studio seemingly pulled out all the stops with the trailer’s development by including explosive cinematic elements, as well as some teaser bits of gameplay from the title’s cooperative mission known as the Falcon Lost Incursion. Not to mention, in addition to featuring the aforementioned raid-like activity, The Division footage also reveals how loot trading in between teammates will operate, what Daily and Weekly Assignments will look like, and how Dark Zone supply drops are going to work.


Perhaps most tantalizing, though, is the trailer’s brief focus on the update’s new gear sets and exotic weapons. According to the video below, Falcon Lost and future Incursions will bring about a lot of unique loot and weaponry, with fans being able to try out different gameplay styles to find out which loadouts will work best for them. If the trailer is to be believed, Update 1.1 will apparently include such sets as Tactician’s Authority for Support-based players, Path of the Nomad for Survivalists, Sentry’s Call for Snipers, and Striker’s Battle Gear for tank build characters.


Although the trailer for The Division‘s Incursions Update contained a large amount of information, some details for the Update 1.1 patch weren’t covered. For instance, the gear score leveling system wasn’t mentioned, nor were the increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items. Nevertheless, it would have been hard for Ubisoft to have conveyed such additions and made them look interesting among all of the other action-based components of the trailer. However, a simple allusion to the guarantee of high-end loot drops for killing NPCs over Level 30 in the video would have excited fans who weren’t aware of it being added as a feature.

For those fans of The Division anxiously awaiting Update 1.1’s release, the weekly maintenance downtime will include the patch’s 4.7 GB download, and it’s scheduled to begin at 12:00am PDT on Tuesday, concluding after approximately three hours. Prior to that, Agents would do well to start honing their skills, as it’s being reported that Falcon Lost has a difficulty so hard that even its developers can’t beat it.

What did you think about The Division‘s Incursions trailer? Did it get you excited for tomorrow’s update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Uphill Rush 6-Amazing Racing Game

The more a game is interesting the more popular it is- goes perfectly for the game of Uphill Rush 6. In this new sequel there are lots of fun loving activities included, where the player will experience excitement and pass a wonderful time. There game is divided is 6 cups i.e.


The game has a wonderful sound and graphic. Played have to skid over waters or skiing. The point counts on the comical activities you do through passing. There are not so many games that are as interesting as this one. You have collect as many points as you can by the certain time limit. Bonus points can be achieved by doing stunts. This simple flash game is very exciting and easily controlled by spacebar and four directional keys. Before starting the game you can choose your appearance and color. Play this game free in internet.

A Football Game-Return Man 6

ESPN Arcade provides you the latest version of your favorite game Return man 6. Return Man 6 is an improvement of the earlier version with better graphics and more challenges.
Just like the previous versions of this game you need to reach to the yellow spot finding the best possible route among the defenders and catch the ball.


As you know this is not an easy task amid ferocious opponents, you will need to use every bit of tricks you have in the bag. This may be a simple right left shift or a after burner to pass the defenders. And nothing is more enjoyable when you reach the yellow spot and catch the ball. This brings out the ultimate thrill of playing this game. So let jump in the field with this game


Use tricks in Freestyle Snow Wheeling

This time is for hitting the slopes, but don’t forget to leave the skis on the rack, as you are going to take the quick track down. This amazing game can be played online enjoying the snow falling on your computer screen. It has no detailed instructions, just a few controls should be followed properly.

You can use arrows, Z key and shift key to playing this game and complete all the levels. So you will use arrows when you need driving, steering, braking, or you have to execute tricks. Jumping can be done via the Z key while spinning can be performed through the Shift key. If you need more guidance or detail, please visit their help links, so you will get all the info you need regarding this game.

Play music in Uphill Rush 6

One of the newest and latest members is this version called Uphill Rush 6, it’s the 6th version of the Uphill Rush series, which is the best version among all the version released in the past. Several adventures have been added into this game, so enjoy riding motorcycle, horse, bicycle or even jet skis with the help of designed maps and try to reach the finish line in a shortest period of time.

When you start the game, you will see a man sitting on a tube in the water, which is perfectly designed with a blue color.


Beautiful stars and impressive background make this game interesting and fantastic. Some links have been designed at the home page of the game such as Start game, how to play and more games. Choose the sound on or off as per you need.

Cart Hero

Are you familiar with stickman? It is the usual representation of human in cartoons and flash games. Do you know why they are incorporated in flash games? You can have many assumptions and they are all correct in many different ways. But one thing is for sure, they symbolizes fun and cuteness. One perfect example is the flash game called Shopping Cart Hero. The main character in this game is the stickman who tries to reach greater heights and farther distance using a shopping cart which answers the usual question of why it is entitled Shopping Cart Hero. The player will have to guide the stickman ride the shopping cart and go far away distance.

There are available upgrades which better the performance or jumping skills of the shopping cart. Try to execute different tricks in order to gain more points. There are hidden tricks as well as combo tricks you should see and execute. The upgrades available are wheels, rockets and others. To enjoy this fantastic game, visit


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An action packed game in Raze 5

Why people are so fascinated with shooting and weapons related to it? Some may say that it is for their entertainment or to kill time from being bored. Others find it as a hobby. Most find it as a tool for safety and protection.


But one thing is for sure, this is not something to be ignored or use in a not wise way or medium. If there is a way to have a safety shooting experience, it is through flash games. There is a flash game that involves such characteristics and it is called Raze 5.

This is actually the fifth installment from the flash game called Raze. The story of this new installment is that the player will have to save the world from various enemies by playing as a military robot. At the beginning of the game, you will be given options or choices among 10 battle suits that you can use in the game. There are over 40 levels that will challenge the players to their limits. To enjoy or experience this game, you can search this link online and have fun playing.