Zombie Highway

Zombie- Highway-1

Key features:
-Crisp 3D graphics-640 x 960 full run screen Retina display on iPhone 4! **
-Immersive sound quality CD
-Highly polished, very Addicting games
-High point: global competition or game Center against your friends!
Seamless game Center integration for competition easy, addictive
-16 Cannon (and growing)
-8 levels in 3 environment!
-4 car!
-8 different types of jump zombie!
-The leader board for most of the killing and all the miles

Steer to avoid all the obstacles while trying to SMASH the zombie latched on the debris-OR-run them before they can
jump in your car!

Shoot zombies with a growing arsenal of rifles, pistols, and auto parts. Shoot the zombies break new extra damage!

Improve your skills, unlock weapons, beat all your friends on facebook! It will be hard to put this down.

Cars. The gun. Zombie. What more could you want!?
Zombie- Highway-2
Zombie Highway] will keep you racing down highways where more times than you are willing to admit. ” -Appadvice
The goal is to survive … but you wont. How far will you go?
It’s you, armed with a lot of your passengers, against a boatload of super powerful, dancing zombies.

“Zombie reveal a great blend of skill, easily,” violence-Appolicious.com

“.. This game oozes fun “-slide to play

“.. running from hordes of zombies is just so much fun … easily recommended. “-Touch Arcade

“We had a very hard time putting a down to writing article reviews”-smile application

Why don’t you play? Join the 10 million people around the world!

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=>>Icon Pop Quiz


Icon Pop Quiz


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You’ll never know a small icon could show a few things that you might not have noticed before:)

** The symbol POP Quiz is an application that makes the fans by the fans. This is an expression of our gratitude to all the leaders, heroes, inventors, musicians, athletes, artists, writers, directors, authors, studios production, animation, actresses and actors that formed our world and inspire us with their work. BRAVO! **
A number of studies will not hurt you. But hey, you can always try a different method. We have five ways to help your progress-using “hints”, “remove”, “open”, “ask a friend or” disclose “the answer. It’s up to you!
Enjoy what you see, we hand-drawn icons visual clues, one at a time, and we are constantly creating new and original icons to the list. Love what you see? you want to see more? Send us some love on Facebook and Twitter.

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The icon POP Quiz challenge your knowledge about pop culture references; celebrities, movies and tv shows using the imagination, hand-drawn pictures clues–quick and precise wit is the key! What can be more difficult to guess all of the 1000 + icons? Well, you can always compete against the competition with friends and communities around the world on Game Center.

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as:  gun mayhem, can your pet,  age of war. It will be very interesting for you there

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