Save The Hostages In MORT The Sniper II

If you tried out the first version of this game, you already know how awesome it is. The fans of shooting will love this sequel. If you like killing, blood and violence games, MORT The Sniper II is there for you. It isn’t suited for younger kid because of the violence. But adults who are up for cleaning the society of the bag guys will enjoy it.


In this game you are on a mission to kill captors and set the hostages free. You have to show your aiming and shooting skills. Aim with your mouse and click when you want to shoot. But be careful not to shoot hostages, but only captors. You need to kill every one of them if you want to complete the level. Music following the game is very fast and energetic. The game isn’t so hard to play, you just have to aim very well. So do your best and save the poor hostages!


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