Cart Hero

Are you familiar with stickman? It is the usual representation of human in cartoons and flash games. Do you know why they are incorporated in flash games? You can have many assumptions and they are all correct in many different ways. But one thing is for sure, they symbolizes fun and cuteness. One perfect example is the flash game called Shopping Cart Hero. The main character in this game is the stickman who tries to reach greater heights and farther distance using a shopping cart which answers the usual question of why it is entitled Shopping Cart Hero. The player will have to guide the stickman ride the shopping cart and go far away distance.

There are available upgrades which better the performance or jumping skills of the shopping cart. Try to execute different tricks in order to gain more points. There are hidden tricks as well as combo tricks you should see and execute. The upgrades available are wheels, rockets and others. To enjoy this fantastic game, visit


. Be delighted with the features in Shopping Cart Hero.


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