An action packed game in Raze 5

Why people are so fascinated with shooting and weapons related to it? Some may say that it is for their entertainment or to kill time from being bored. Others find it as a hobby. Most find it as a tool for safety and protection.


But one thing is for sure, this is not something to be ignored or use in a not wise way or medium. If there is a way to have a safety shooting experience, it is through flash games. There is a flash game that involves such characteristics and it is called Raze 5.

This is actually the fifth installment from the flash game called Raze. The story of this new installment is that the player will have to save the world from various enemies by playing as a military robot. At the beginning of the game, you will be given options or choices among 10 battle suits that you can use in the game. There are over 40 levels that will challenge the players to their limits. To enjoy or experience this game, you can search this link online and have fun playing.


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