PC Bad Call Costs Star Korean League Of Legends Team Its Spot At Worlds

Today’s League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals match-up was between KT Rolster and KOO Tigers, two top Korean teams. Korea is the strongest region in the world for League eSports, so the games were incredibly close. KT Rolster ended up losing the fourth and final game because of a bad call to take Baron.

Twenty six minutes into the fourth game, KT and KOO were still closely matched. KOO had one more dragon kill than KT, but the game could clearly go either way. And for a moment, it seemed like it was going to tilt in KT’s favour. They managed to pick off KOO’s Kuro, who was playing the champion Viktor — an armoured mech-type dude with a powerful death ray attack.

Going 4-v-5 gave KT some confidence — enough that they decided to try and snag baron while Kuro was still down and out of the fight. KOO hovered around to the right of Baron while KT started to attack it.


But there was a problem with their positioning. Piccaboo was separated from the rest of his team.To try and get to them, he moved around the bottom-right corner of the baron pit. This also meant that he ran headfirst into KOO:


GG, KT Rolster. You had a pretty great run this year.

KOO’s win against KT Rolster finishes the Worlds quarterfinals. Next up are the semifinals, which will be played first between Korean powerhouse team SKT and European newcomer Origen, then between KOO and Fnatic, who trounced their quarterfinals opponents yesterday.

These next two match-ups decide who will be in the finals. They’re both also bound to be interesting games:



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