Cyclomaniacs 2

Cyclomaniacs 2 Walkthrough Game | Cyclomaniacs 2. In Cyclo. Maniacs 2 it is all about pedal power – and when it is you up against seven other wacky bicycle riders, it will take all your skills and bike- tricks to make it to the goal line first, this tips and tricks walkthrough will be your guide! Of course, winning races is not easy when you are starting out with an un- upgraded racer, and because of that it may be all too common for you to be stuck on the lower ranking positions when you reach the checkered flag. Worry not however, as we have compiled a helpful guide for first time players of Cyclo.

Maniacs 2. Control the Bike, Control the Outcome. The best things we love about Cyclo. Maniacs are the controls.

Cyclomaniacs Epic is the third part of the great cycling game full with fun and entertaining. landing and invert. Cyclomaniacs 2. CycloManiacs Epic. Ski.


. shoot em’ up game. Intrusion 2 [Demo] Remove from Favorite! Add to. Intrusion 2 [Demo] Invert Selection; IQ Ball; I Quit!


A Wacky Races style racing game with amazing stunts. Renegade Racing Description. Cyclomaniacs 2 : Drag Race Demon . Cyclomaniacs ‘Sneaky Start’ Help. Cyclo Maniacs End of Game Movie – Duration. kongregatehacker1 6,130 views. 5:32 CycloManiacs 2 – Final Lair.


Easy to learn, very responsive and quite intuitive, the bike controls are the key to gaining that leader’s position. But is it not all about how to control the, but rather, how you apply the various in certain parts of the race that actually matters. Speed: This is controlled by pressing up or down on the cursor keys or W and S on the keyboard. Speeding up lets you go at the fastest rate you can and speeding down slows you to the point of running in reverse (and yes, there are key races that will require you move both backwards and forwards). The one thing players should remember is that when you are in boost mode, staying in the air will slow you down – which means that when you get off a ramp at high speed, the air time you get sacrifices your pace.


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