Protect the City from invaders in Vehicles 3

There are three factors that support the facts that the Vehicles flash game series is a big hit among players around the world. First is the entertainment factor where the designs and graphics are very pleasant which corresponds to the characters. Second factor is the uniqueness because it enables a player enjoy a game where vehicles and puzzle blend really well. Last factor is the continuity pertaining to levels and the fact that it is a series. This article is solely focused on the third installment which is called Vehicles 3.


Since this is already the third edition from the series, one can expect greater and better changes in the game. The story of this game is that the bad vehicles are invading the city again and as a responsible vehicles, the municipal vehicles are trying their best to eliminate the invaders. The objective is to bump or crush bad vehicles by using the municipal vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance and police car. You will surely enjoy this third installment because of the 36 exciting levels that it has.


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