Feed the greedy creature in Effing Worms

Reincarnation is a theory or belief where one is able to live or appear in another time which is mostly about the past. But there are needed answers to finally suggest that this is true and really happening up to this day. In terms of entertainment, it is nice to talk about reincarnation and what one has become in the past. If you are looking for a game with a touch of reincarnation and awesomeness, it is the game called Effing Worms. If you don’t love worms, you can at least play as a worm in this entertaining medium.


Effing Worms 2 (2)

Your goal as the player is to act as the greedy and giant worm which is always on the hunt for blood and flesh. You will have to move above the surface of the ground where human stick figures are lurking for you to indulge. Your ultimate objective is to reach the possible highest score ever. Have fun and create a blast playing this game.


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