A game with lots of improvements with Cyclomaniacs Racer

A bicycle or bike is considered as an environment-friendly vehicle because of two things. One is due to the fact that it doesn’t need or require oil or gas which are harmful to the environment. Second is because it has different purposes such as an exercise equipment, a transportation vehicle or a leisure one. The topic in this article circles around a flash game that features different kinds of bicycles. The name of the game is Cyclomaniacs Racers. This is actually a new version from the series called Cyclomaniacs. You will find some details and even more about this new game if you continue your reading.

cyclomaniacs racers (2)

With this new game, the players can experience a whole new adventure and excitement. The objective in this game is still the same with the previous editions but the changes pertains to the new features this one offers. In this game, the player can now customize his or her controls as well as his or her bikes. There are also new bicycles to be unlocked as well as upgrading of bike parts for better performance as well as reaching or attaining higher scores.



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