Sentinel 4

It’s been a while since indie developer Origin8 came out with a sequel to their award-winning tower defense (TD) series, Sentinel. However, Sentinel should be familiar to those who’ve been gaming on the iPhone and during the time when tower defense games were just starting to shine. With a long absence from the TD scene, does Sentinel 4 – Dark World measure up to the TD games that have come out since its hiatus?


Prime World: Defenders was released for the PC/Mac sometime in 2013 – last month, this card collecting tower defense (TD) game, now simply called Defenders was released for the iPad (you can also check out appSIZED’s review of Man At Arms TD, which employs the same mechanic).

There is a story to this game and your mission mainly is to defend powerful and valuable prime (crystals) from the Touched (enemies or creeps, in TD parlance) who want to take it for themselves. Caught in the middle of two warring groups trying to control the resource, your job is to keep them away using various powerful towers.




PC Bad Call Costs Star Korean League Of Legends Team Its Spot At Worlds

Today’s League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals match-up was between KT Rolster and KOO Tigers, two top Korean teams. Korea is the strongest region in the world for League eSports, so the games were incredibly close. KT Rolster ended up losing the fourth and final game because of a bad call to take Baron.

Twenty six minutes into the fourth game, KT and KOO were still closely matched. KOO had one more dragon kill than KT, but the game could clearly go either way. And for a moment, it seemed like it was going to tilt in KT’s favour. They managed to pick off KOO’s Kuro, who was playing the champion Viktor — an armoured mech-type dude with a powerful death ray attack.

Going 4-v-5 gave KT some confidence — enough that they decided to try and snag baron while Kuro was still down and out of the fight. KOO hovered around to the right of Baron while KT started to attack it.


But there was a problem with their positioning. Piccaboo was separated from the rest of his team.To try and get to them, he moved around the bottom-right corner of the baron pit. This also meant that he ran headfirst into KOO:


GG, KT Rolster. You had a pretty great run this year.

KOO’s win against KT Rolster finishes the Worlds quarterfinals. Next up are the semifinals, which will be played first between Korean powerhouse team SKT and European newcomer Origen, then between KOO and Fnatic, who trounced their quarterfinals opponents yesterday.

These next two match-ups decide who will be in the finals. They’re both also bound to be interesting games:


Cyclomaniacs 2

Cyclomaniacs 2 Walkthrough Game | Cyclomaniacs 2. In Cyclo. Maniacs 2 it is all about pedal power – and when it is you up against seven other wacky bicycle riders, it will take all your skills and bike- tricks to make it to the goal line first, this tips and tricks walkthrough will be your guide! Of course, winning races is not easy when you are starting out with an un- upgraded racer, and because of that it may be all too common for you to be stuck on the lower ranking positions when you reach the checkered flag. Worry not however, as we have compiled a helpful guide for first time players of Cyclo.

Maniacs 2. Control the Bike, Control the Outcome. The best things we love about Cyclo. Maniacs are the controls.

Cyclomaniacs Epic is the third part of the great cycling game full with fun and entertaining. landing and invert. Cyclomaniacs 2. CycloManiacs Epic. Ski.


. shoot em’ up game. Intrusion 2 [Demo] Remove from Favorite! Add to. Intrusion 2 [Demo] Invert Selection; IQ Ball; I Quit!


A Wacky Races style racing game with amazing stunts. Renegade Racing Description. Cyclomaniacs 2 : Drag Race Demon . Cyclomaniacs ‘Sneaky Start’ Help. Cyclo Maniacs End of Game Movie – Duration. kongregatehacker1 6,130 views. 5:32 CycloManiacs 2 – Final Lair.


Easy to learn, very responsive and quite intuitive, the bike controls are the key to gaining that leader’s position. But is it not all about how to control the, but rather, how you apply the various in certain parts of the race that actually matters. Speed: This is controlled by pressing up or down on the cursor keys or W and S on the keyboard. Speeding up lets you go at the fastest rate you can and speeding down slows you to the point of running in reverse (and yes, there are key races that will require you move both backwards and forwards). The one thing players should remember is that when you are in boost mode, staying in the air will slow you down – which means that when you get off a ramp at high speed, the air time you get sacrifices your pace.

Vehicles 2

Vehicles 2 – the next part of famous online html5 game about cars. Get even more from a parking lot right into a pocket, engaging with new levels in puzzle games online. The rules remained the same: to pass the level you have to push all the bad black cars out of the screen and park all the good cars (the fire truck, the ambulance and the police car) in the right places (green spots). But your cars now possess super-powers in puzzle games online! Do you want to know what powers the good cars have in puzzle games online? Play Vehicles 2 and you’ll find out!


ehicles: Level Pack is a Physics based Puzzle game from Notdoppler created by Dmitriy Fyudorov and Dmitriy Zaletov.

The bad vehicles are back and causing more mayhem than ever!

Restore peace to the streets by ramming them off the screen.


Think well in Bowel Physics Tower Defense

 is a strategy computer game online. Your bowel is full of germs. Those germs crawBowel Physics Tower Defensel from top to the bottom. Your ultimate goal is to shoot those bacteria before they invade and scatter all over your body. Before you click the START, you must place some towers in a strategic place outside your bowel. Choose from the towers available on your screen.


Upgrade your tower to kill germs because some of them are heavy and cannot be destroyed easily. Use your intelligence and best strategy you know in positioning the best tower of your choice. After putting your available towers, click START then watch how they kill every group of those invading army of viruses. This is one of the best tower defense games there is. After playing this game, you will surely recommend this to your friend.

Protect the City from invaders in Vehicles 3

There are three factors that support the facts that the Vehicles flash game series is a big hit among players around the world. First is the entertainment factor where the designs and graphics are very pleasant which corresponds to the characters. Second factor is the uniqueness because it enables a player enjoy a game where vehicles and puzzle blend really well. Last factor is the continuity pertaining to levels and the fact that it is a series. This article is solely focused on the third installment which is called Vehicles 3.


Since this is already the third edition from the series, one can expect greater and better changes in the game. The story of this game is that the bad vehicles are invading the city again and as a responsible vehicles, the municipal vehicles are trying their best to eliminate the invaders. The objective is to bump or crush bad vehicles by using the municipal vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance and police car. You will surely enjoy this third installment because of the 36 exciting levels that it has.

A game with lots of improvements with Cyclomaniacs Racer

A bicycle or bike is considered as an environment-friendly vehicle because of two things. One is due to the fact that it doesn’t need or require oil or gas which are harmful to the environment. Second is because it has different purposes such as an exercise equipment, a transportation vehicle or a leisure one. The topic in this article circles around a flash game that features different kinds of bicycles. The name of the game is Cyclomaniacs Racers. This is actually a new version from the series called Cyclomaniacs. You will find some details and even more about this new game if you continue your reading.

cyclomaniacs racers (2)

With this new game, the players can experience a whole new adventure and excitement. The objective in this game is still the same with the previous editions but the changes pertains to the new features this one offers. In this game, the player can now customize his or her controls as well as his or her bikes. There are also new bicycles to be unlocked as well as upgrading of bike parts for better performance as well as reaching or attaining higher scores.